How Does a Hydraulic Breaker Work?

digger with breaker attachment digging roadUsed to demolish concrete, stone and asphalt, hydraulic breakers are a crucial addition to many construction sites. Attached to an excavator, the hydraulic breaker works by applying high pressure to a material, fracturing the surface and dismantling it entirely.

In this blog, we offer a concise guide to hydraulic breakers, including how they work, their uses and how they can increase productivity on-site.

At C&C Hire, we stock a range of high-quality hydraulic breakers for hire, from the Epiroc Hydraulic Breaker Sb 102 1.5 Tonne, to the JCB Hydraulic Breaker Power Pack and Breaker. To find out more about the benefits of employing a hydraulic breaker on your site, please get in touch. Call us on 07985 160 968 and speak to one of our helpful advisors today. 

Hydraulic Breaker Tool

Hydraulic breakers are predominantly available in two types, either internal or external. Both variations include a front and back head to support the breaker and hold nitrogen gas. 

The chamber filled with the gas absorbs a portion of the shock, boosting the impact of the piston as it travels in a downward motion. The piston is the most crucial component of the hydraulic breaker, responsible for transforming the energy produced by the oil chamber into hammering power. 

Hydraulic Breaker Parts

The basic components of a hydraulic breaker are: 

  •  Side Rods

Ensure increased reliability. 

  • Nitrogen Chamber 

Designed to absorb piston recoil and reuse energy to increase output.

  • Main Valve

Minimises interruption of oil flow. 

  • Piston 

Ensures minimal recoil back to the excavator. 

  • Dual Retainer Pins

Provide easy tool alignment and replacement.

Benefits of Hydraulic Breaker Attachments 

We all know just how useful excavators are on large-scale sites. If you want to ensure that your digger can reach its full potential, hydraulic breaker attachments offer the perfect solution. 

Our Top 5 Advantages of Hiring a Hydraulic Breaker:

1) Efficient 
Hydraulic breakers have the power to hit equally as hard as their larger counterpart, the pneumatic breaker.

2) Low Fuel-Consumption
Consuming less fuel than its competitors, the hydraulic breaker can increase productivity on-site without eating into your budget. 

3) Low Noise Pollution
This quiet digger attachment is ideal for use in residential areas where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum. 

4) Reliable
Featuring just one or two moving parts, it’s incredibly unlikely that any components of your hydraulic breaker will need replacing during your hire period. If time is of the essence, the hydraulic breaker attachment is a suitable choice for you. 

5) Flexible
Able to connect to a range of power sources, the hydraulic breaker hire option provides ultimate flexibility. Whether you’re looking to increase the capabilities of your digger, truck or tractor, this versatile attachment can provide the ideal solution. 

Hydraulic breaker hire services can provide a range of options, suited to a variety of tasks. Most commonly used to break concrete and tarmac, these attachments can save you valuable time and money, significantly increasing on-site productivity. 

These useful attachments can also ensure limited damage is inflicted upon other pieces of machinery on-site. Without the use of a hydraulic breaker, you’re relying on the strength of a digger bucket to sustain the force of continuous impact against durable materials. This could cause serious damage to the equipment, reducing its ability to perform to a high standard. To avoid damage, simply replace your digger bucket with a versatile breaker attachment. To find out more about the benefits of hydraulic breaker hire, please get in touch. 

Hydraulic Breaker Operations 

To determine which type of hydraulic breaker will best suit your operation, it’s important to examine the type of materials you’re working with. 

If you are managing a small-scale renovation and demolition project, a light-duty hydraulic breaker is the ideal choice for you. Able to shatter brick, asphalt and concrete, the capabilities of the ‘light-duty’ breaker should not be overlooked. 

The medium-duty hydraulic breaker is most commonly used to assist in a multitude of road maintenance projects. Both lightweight and powerful, this versatile piece of construction machinery is perfect for demolishing areas of concrete up to 100mm thick. 

Suitable for demanding, large-scale projects, the heavy-duty breaker is ideal for use on sites working with heavy asphalt and reinforced concrete. 

Hydraulic Breaker Hire

The uses and benefits of the hydraulic breaker attachment are incredibly complex. Suited to a variety of testing environments, this useful tool can make light work of any demolition project, no matter how big or small. If you would like to find out more about the high-quality hydraulic breakers we offer for hire, or wish to enquire about our affordable hire prices, please get in touch.

Call us on 07985 160 968 and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members who will be more than happy to assist in securing your next hire today.