Hydraulic Breaker Hire

Favoured for being a reliable, modern alternative to their pneumatic counterparts, hydraulic breakers are a popular choice for sites seeking to increase efficiency. At C&C Hire, we’re pleased to offer our customers high-quality hydraulic breakers for hire at affordable rates. 

Ideal for use on concrete roads, pavements, drives and more, these heavy-duty hydraulic concrete breakers can assist in a range of tasks. If you’re managing a large-scale project that requires workers to hammer through tough materials, consider equipping your employees with a handy hydraulic breaker attachment. With the ability to increase both efficiency and productivity on-site, why wouldn’t you? 

How Does a Hydraulic Breaker Work? 

Hydraulic concrete breakers are driven by a hydraulic piston that is uniquely designed to apply extreme pressure on the head of the attachment. This, in turn, provides consistent force into the heart of an obstruction, breaking down materials in a timely manner. Often mounted onto large or mini-diggers, hydraulic breakers are the ideal choice for complex building works and demolition projects. View our full range of hydraulic concrete breakers below. 



Why Choose Us? 

At C&C Hire, we’re proud to provide our customers with affordable, first-rate hydraulic breaker hire services in Kent. If you’re searching for an experienced, trusted plant hire company, dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service, you’ve come to the right place. 

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